Born 12 February 1976, Opotiki, New Zealand.                                      Currently living in Groningen, Netherlands.


2016 -2018 Frank Mohr Institute, Painting, Groningen, Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design (cum laude)

2003-09 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Nederlands, BFA

1993-97 University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, B.A. Geography

1987-1992 Sacred Heart Girl’s College, (full-time boarding) Hamilton, New Zealand 


2020 Libera me, (on hold), collaboration with componist Anke Brouwer, soloists and 3 choirs, Groningen, Hilversum  and Leiden

2020 Welcome to the Village, backdrop for main podium (on hold), 17-19 July, Leeuwarden

2020 circle doing words, 20-3, self curated with writing group, ARTisBOOK Shop, Groningen (@circle.doing.words instagram)

2020 Does it Have a Name: Small Things, 27-2, performance, collaboration with Eleni Tsompanidou, ARTisBOOK Shop, Groningen

2020  Art Rotterdam  6-2 – 9-2, with  Galerie van Gelder

2019 Kunst kan Tegen Intimiteit Aanscheuren, solo show, Kunstkan, Amsterdam

2019 Lust for Life group show, 21-9 – 29-9, de Apotheek, Amsterdam

2019 Slaap Lekker Studio, 7-9 – 9-10, curated by Kimball Holth, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam

2019 Radio in the bathtub, 6-9 – 31-9, curated by Dagobert Macib, Moira, Utrecht

2019 Wonderful Behaviour event 28-5, self curated with writing group and invited artists, Y2, Groningen 

2019 Room for Space  3-5 – 16-6, curated by Annosh Urbank, Vensterbank, Leiden

2019 Back to Mohr group show, 14-4 – 2-6, Artphy, Wessinghuizen

2019 CBK Groningen in het UMCG 5-4 – 23-6, UMCG Hospital, Groningen

2019 Duo exhibition  6-4 – 11-5, with Sandra de Groot, CBK, Groningen

2019 Filler III Wall Constellations 18-1 – 17-2, SIGN, Groningen

2018 This Art Fair 27-12 – 30-12 Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

2018 Jong Talent 6-10 – 9-12 Artphy, Wessinghuizen

2018 Home Sequence, J. Slauerhoff event with Yunjoo Kwak, Amsterdam

2018 End Exam Frank Mohr Institute, 23 – 28-6, with choir performance, Groningen

2018 Kill the Curator 17 -01 Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen

2017 Grow 18-05-31-05 collaboration with Anna Trapenciere, De Nieuwe Kolk, Assen

2017 A State of Mind 11-03 – 26-03 curated by Marc Bijl HAUS 34A Bad Bentheim, Germany

2016 Guests, Ghosts & Gardening 1-10 – 15-10  Klupko, Amsterdam

2016 The Endless Summer curated by Jabu Arnell, Zoete Broodjes Project Space, Amsterdam

2015 Meanwhile Residency Tsarino, Bulgaria

2015 Tekenkabinet Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

2013 Couchsurfers and A-Boys Jabu Arnell’s home, Amsterdam

2012 1+1=3  with Mariah Blue, Kulter proeflokaal, Amsterdam

2012 Bee Mecca Guerilla council garden intervention, Slauerhoffstraat, Amsterdam

2010 Open Studios Jan Toroopstraat, Amsterdam

2010 Ode to the Cleaner Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

2009 Graduation show Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

2009 We Are Dead/ You Are Alive collaborative work with Ana Ugarkovic, Veemvloer, Amsterdam


Reisma van den Burg Grant, June, 2019


2009-2016 Facilitated a drawing group, 3-10 participants, weekly in Amsterdam

2017 – 2020 Performative Writing Course, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen

2019 Reactions to aspects of popular culture 21-2, workshop with secondary school students, Sign, Groningen

2019 Kunst kan Tegen Intimiteit Aanscheuren 30-11, drawing workshop, Kunstkan, Amsterdam

Fascinated by the abstraction of maps from the ground that they represent I set out from New Zealand in 1997 for some field work and discovery. It has been a long trip from the kiwifruit vines and rivers of my upbringing to the art and culture of Europe.