red hot, 72 cm (h) x  73 cm (w), textile, filling, wood en plastic pipes, 2018


red hot detail



a globule 200 x  145 x 75 cms, fabric, synthetic filling, metal bars, metal wires, 2017


installation view, sculpture and video


a globule detail


a globule detail


the virago fabric trophy, 85 x 36 x 36cm, fabric, sewn text, filling, cardboard, curtain and wood, 2017

(virago, 1. a loud overbearing woman 2. a woman of great stature, strength and courage)


the virago fabric trophy detail


the virago fabric trophy detail


girl’s Totem 127cm x 26cm x 14 cm, fabric, plastic, cardboard, and sewing trim, 2016

girl’s totems installation view


chords, potato print and gouache on paper with textile, dimensions variable, 2016


chords detail


dress to stop the traffic, evening dress made from reflective bike lights (collected over a 6 month period), thread and shopping bags, 2011


jewellery for christmas? depilatory wax with body hair, 2005